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Facial ID technology of China Merchant Bank debuts in Kunming

By : InKunming | Published: 2017-October-12

[InKunming--Kunming] Withdrawing money from automatic teller machines (ATM) by simply scanning your face through Face ID function is no long a scenario. China Merchant Bank has take an innovative path to adopt facial recognition technology in its ATM.

At present, people can take cash without a credit card at self-service bank station of China Merchant Bank in Kunming. It is just taking as least 35 seconds to finish the whole process.

Comparing with the traditional ATM, the biggest difference is that two cameras and a fill flash are installed on the right corner of the front of the new ATM.

Using this new method to withdraw is more convenient than using the traditional one. The process of verifying identity only takes a few seconds, although it does need people’s phone numbers for further verification. Then, cash can be withdrawn after you entering password.

Some may wonder that how can their identities be checked if they have never had their face scanned before? Bank staff of China Merchant Banks explained that people’s faces have already been recorded into a database if they have gone to the bank’s counter before.

Detailed procedures:

① Click “scanning face to withdraw” on the home page. (Two security notifications will pop up after you click the button.)

② Take picture as instructed and the system will verify your identity automatically.

③ Input your phone number for additional security.

④ Choose the credit card from which you want to withdraw.

⑤ Input the amount withdrawn and enter password.

⑥ Take the cash.

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